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Hotel Ashford Sri Lanka

Overview of Hotel Ashford

A brand new hotel retaining the character of Nuwara Eliya town while at the same time managing to look contemporary, located 6,200ft above sea level at the foot of the Hakkgala range, in the famous resort town of Nuwara Eliya. The playground of the British civil servants during the colonial era where the nostalgic British furloughed to refresh their minds and souls visiting “Little England”, a place they created to remind them of their far away native country, in much cooler climes of this tropical Island.

The Hotel Ashford speaks of warm fires, supper, hot baths, good company and everything else that a traveler needs to spend their time off in this city. Hotel Ashford, with it warm fires and friendly staff, is an ideal place to slumber under a warm blanket. Hotel Ashford consists of 20 spacious rooms with attached baths along with hot/cold water.

Accommodation of Hotel Ashford

Hotel Ashford is comprised of 6 Luxury, 10 Semi and 4 Standard rooms offering a magnificent view of Mt. Hakkgala and forest reserve on one side and on the other a vegetable farm covered with fresh greens.

All rooms have attached bath with hot and cold water along with all modern amenities. All rooms have queen size beds. The rooms are very spacious, furnished in plain traditional style, some have their large windows facing the Hakkgala range and the surrounding forests, while the other side looks upon a lovely vegetable patch.

Dining of Hotel Ashford

Hotel Ashford offers a wide variety of excellent oriental and Western cuisine. English breakfast complete with marmalade, toast and spicy Sri Lankan Omelet on request, with a “cup that cheers” made from the finest handpicked Sri Lankan tea, is a must try here. Lunch can be ordered through a la carte and recommend you to dip your hand into local rice and an assortment of spicy curries to savor the local cuisine. Dinner is a very formal affair with soups, entrées, or main course and a fruit salad made with Sri Lankan produce or curd topped with treacle for desert is optional.

Facts of Hotel Ashford

City - Nuwara Eliya

Category - Wedding and Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo - 179 km (4 h 30 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 183 km (4 h 4 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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