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Casa Colombo Collection - Mirissa Sri Lanka

Overview of Casa Colombo Collection - Mirissa

Aspire to Luxury at the most Stylish Boutique Hotel in Sri Lanka, Casa Colombo Collection Mirissa.

Luxury is about blurring the boundaries between Necessity and Indulgence, Must haves and Nice to haves, Hunger and Desire. At Casa Colombo Collection Mirissa, we have gone a step further by eliminated the boundaries altogether. From Dynamic multi-use Lobby Spaces to Spa-like Bathrooms and Intimate Bedroom Temptations to Exotic Meal time experiences, this Six Suited Chic Resort destination is a uniquely refreshing home away from home unlike any other Mirissa Boutique Hotel. At CCC Mirissa, Luxury is a Lifestyle.

Accommodation of Casa Colombo Collection - Mirissa

There was a time when Mints on your pillow was an indication of Luxury Accommodation. Thankfully, this is not that time and CCC Mirissa is certainly not the place for such fantasy. We do however believe that Time is the Ultimate Luxury, and have designed our Suites with great attention to the finer details like breathtaking Ocean views, touches of Hand crafted Leather, designer furniture, High Quality entertainment systems and Practical in-room logistics assuring you a Lavish time at the best Mirissa Hotel.
Facts of Casa Colombo Collection - Mirissa

City - Mirissa

Category - Beach Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 149 km (2 h 22 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 178 km (2 h 35 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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