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Yala Lake Camp - Yala Sri Lanka

Overview of Yala Lake Camp - Yala

May you live longer ……..Unsullied and heart full wishes of Sri Lankans well comes you.Yala Lake Camp. . . Characterizing the nature in its purest form combined with finest luxury stay. Consist of luxury tented accommodations –at its finest and comfortable rooms.

We. . . a troop with uncountable spirit of adventure who intervene to preserve and respect inestimable mother nature . 

Place. . . . Enhanced our specialty and uniqueness.It’s a rural and unspoiled village call “ Weweyay” [Definition – Rage of Lake ] , isolated from the hassle and bassle of the city . The Hotel risen up in a edge of “Yoda Wewa” [an ancient lake] . As surrounded by lush greeneryit makes a home to various kinds of endemic and indigenous birds. Our neighbor, picturesque “Yoda Wewa” blanketed with purple and white aquatic flowers year in year out. We are close to The Yala national Park, Lunugamwehera National Park and Bundala National Park . It’s particularly a hub to nature lovers. 

We practice andfollow fastgrowing andmost attractive trends of global tourism. 

Responsible Tourism

At Yala Lake Camp we are committed to provide better holiday experience to our guests though more meaningful connection and understanding with local community , culture and generate revenues for environmental conservation and management.

We generate economic befits to host community and enhance the well begin of them. most of our daily products supplies ’ by local farmers and fisherman .

Eco Tourism

We encourage our guest to minimize negative environmental impacts , promote environmental awareness and respect bio diversity and eco system. We lead them to pluck vegetables and fruits by their own from our home organic garden while instructing on the same time.

Way beyond Sun , Sea and Sand

Our green philosophy is respect environmental policies and committed to perceive it By ,

  • Getting maximum benefits from resources
  • Practicing energy saving methods
  • Minimum water consumptions
  • Getting maximum benefit from home organic garden

Yala Lake Camp is not another hotel covered with concrete. We care about the quality of our guest experiences as well as lead them to be cooperative with social responsibilities and give them the opportunity to reduce their carbon foot prints .

Accommodation of Yala Lake Camp - Yala

Yala Lake Camp , a collection of glamour’s unique luxury tented accommodations to knit with the picturesque outdoors facing to the Yoda Wawa [superior water tank made in ancient times ] and under the shade of unwieldy trees. Without forgoing for a amenities of a luxury resort , you have the choice of inspiring and enchasing your spirit , mind , body and soul by impressive array of glamorous amenities tents at Yala Lake Camp

All luxuries tented accommodations are fulfilled with

  • Best double and twin beds covered with world standards soft linen and pillows to let you to have a hassle free cozy “Good Night “ ,
  • Luxury Bathroom Facilities with cubicles and rainy Shower
  • Hot and cold water facilities .
  • Fully air conditioned tents with free Wifi ,
  • Intercom telephone facilities

Private Pavilion facing to the Yoda Lake are provided to keep your day to day necessities without escaping from the technology . While soothing the physical body we give something to enhance your mind , spirit and soul too . we provide library facilities a and you can cling to your favorite book while swinging in a Hammock or sitting on your own private pavilion , breathing the fleckless cool breeze of Yoda Wawa and listing to innumerable bird songs .

Are you dreaming to be in the wilderness but convert creature comfort?

well here is the place for you ….to get escape from hole world , a life time opportunity to you to feel it from the bottom of your heart.

Facts of Yala Lake Camp - Yala

City - Yala National Park

Category -

Distance from Colombo - 265 km (4 h 31 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 295 km (4 h 44 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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