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Blue Water Boutique Hotel Sri Lanka

Overview of Blue Water Boutique Hotel

Blue water bitique hotel ...A unique and contemporary concept,

Be our guest in a decadent and intimate environment, indulge in our warmth and hospitality.

All that you need for a comfortable and a perfect rest...

10 mins drive from Colombo airport.

Hotel run by French speaking family.

Passez vos vacances dans un cadre familial chaleureux, un design unique et contemporain.

Negombo « Mee-Gomuva » groupe of bees

Has been named a few centuries ago in king’era. King Kavantissa’s queen Viharamahadevi was pregnant for the prince Dutugamunu, and she had wanted to eat bee honey. The sqauad of king Kavantissa found out on a canoe near the seahore of negombo, then this place has been named as “Mee- gomuwa”

Negombo is a major tourist destination in sri Lanka. This city is an ideal and liberal place with luxury life style, for those who want quick access to and from the country's international airport. Negombo is the country’s second largest fish market .

Negombo offers better beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka

Facts of Blue Water Boutique Hotel

City - Negombo

Category - Boutique Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 38.7 km (46 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 11.9 km (20 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates on request

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Hotels in Sri Lanka

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