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Welcombe Hotel - Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Overview of Welcombe Hotel - Trincomalee

Welcombe Hotel - Trinco - Sri Lanka. - The warm overtones of the hotel are reflective of the sunrise and sunset that touch The Welcombe each day, and its open floor system inviting the crispness of the sun and the sea, is ideal for nature lovers, as one is able to admire and study the abundant bird life in a seat of comfort. 

The pub, a cozy English affair, is well stocked with a range of local and foreign brews, and its colorful cocktails will lull you in to a perfect state of unwind. While away the afternoons at the pool if you fancy a cool swim; or for those who prefer to take in the scenic beauty with an ice-cold drink in hand, the upper deck where the fabulous view is in no way impeded is the ideal lounge area.

Fine dining at the glass-fronted restaurant will treat you to sumptuous buffets of fresh seafood, blends of Oriental and European cuisine and an array of Sri Lankan dishes. 

A short distance from the town, perched on Orr's Hill, is the oldest hotel in Trincomalee. Resplendent in its old world charm, The Welcombe is set in the background of the mighty Indian Ocean and speaks of a history that began in the 1930s. The Welcombe was the dream child of British entrepreneur Mr.M. S. Milne. 

The hotel was commissioned in 1936 having obtained permission for the project from the head quarters of East Indian Naval Squadron based in Trincomalee at the time. Ceylon, as it was called back then, was a hubbub of military activity at this time, and the hotel too experienced its share of the war. Despite these setbacks the hotel was successfully completed in 1937. 

Facts of Welcombe Hotel - Trincomalee

City - Trincomalee

Category - Budget Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 301 km (5 h 13 min drive)

Distance from Airport - 269 km (4 h 41 min drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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