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Lake Lodge Kandalama - Dambulla Sri Lanka

Overview of Lake Lodge Kandalama - Dambulla

Lake Lodge is a small and exclusive 12 room hotel in the little village of Kandalama , in the heart of Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle. The village is dispersed around a 3000 acre man made body of water whose history dates back to over a 1000 years ago, to a highly agriculturally advanced civilization, and is part of an intricate irrigation network to thousands of acres of paddy cultivation that continues to function and flourish even today. Exploring the cultural triangle and its surrounding villages is like travelling through a time machine. Apart from the tarred roads and the telephone wires, life in this part of the world has remained the same for thousands of years. Nowhere else in the world is the struggle between man and nature more evident than it is here. Farmers sleep in tree houses in their fields, ever ready to guard their precious crops against wild elephants.

The history of the original structure dates back to the time of the construction of Kandalama hotel in the Early 1990's. The famous Architect Geoffrey Bawa was taken over the area by helicopter to choose a site for the Kandalama hotel. Having preferred the Lake Lodge site, found it too small an area to build the Kandalama hotel. He then recommended his friend Hameed whom he had already designed a boutique hotel for, to acquire this land. The land was subsequently acquired on a long term lease from the government for development.

The original plan was to have 20 rooms, however due to constraints caused mainly due to the slump in the tourist industry during the war years; construction began only in 2004 and was stopped at six rooms. Provision was made however for the expansion plan, a large swimming pool constructed, kitchen and restaurant. The original project consisted of 6 large 450 sq ft rooms overlooking the Mihintale hills and dambulla caves. The swimming pool, kitchen and reception area overlook the Kandalama reservoir. The extent of the property is 4 acres.

In 2012 Lake Lodge was sold to the present owners who were keen to carry out the expansion plan. The establishment continues to provide its guest with the highest quality standards in Hospitality service combined with two contrasting yet equally fantastic panoramic views that immediately tends to relax the mind. The dry zone sunset to the west on a clear day is much more spectacular across the sky than from the more humid coast of the Island.

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Activities Available in Lake Lodge Kandalama - Dambulla

  • Bird Watching
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking
  • Fauna & Flora Study Tours
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Nature Trails and countryside walking
  • Photography and Filming
  • Weddings & Honeymoons

Facts of Lake Lodge Kandalama - Dambulla

City - Dambulla

Category - Hotels in the Cultural Triangle

Distance from Colombo - 222 km (4 h 35 min Drive)

Distance from Airport - 218 km (4 h 23 min Drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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