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Dambana -Veddha Camp Sri Lanka

Overview of Dambana -Veddha Camp

DAMBANA is a remote jungle village of indigenous people, situated about 300km from Colombo. The population of these indigenous ‘Veddha’ people now consists of only about 350 families, a number significantly reduced from a once thriving community.  The ‘Veddha’ are so influenced by the imposing dominant culture that they risk losing their traditions and what has been their livelihood for centuries. However, they remain determined that their way of life will continue into future generations.  The Chief himself told us on a recent visit to the village that his main worry is that he may not be able prevent the ‘Veddha’ traditions from dying out during his own lifetime.  Visitors to this fascinating village have the opportunity to meet and chat with the people who live there, learn about their traditions, and gain a unique insight into their way of life.  Your visit will also be of a direct financial benefit to the community because, as well as paying them a rent for the campsite and a fee for their involvement in the programme, Sri Lankan Expeditions also uses local produce and labour whenever possible.


Our campsite is located next to the ‘Delikadeliwewa' tank in very close proximity to the DAMBANA village itself. Forget any ideas about cramped tents and sitting on the ground for mealtimes – this is camping in style!  The site is set up prior to your arrival, with everything from the kitchen sink, chairs and tables, toilets, showers and cold beer being transported in. 

In the evening you can enjoy a hearty barbecue meal in a magical setting – the whole area is lit up with traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire. So sit back, relax and let our experienced staff cater to your every need.

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Facts of Dambana -Veddha Camp

City - Dambana

Category - Luxury Tented Safari Camps in Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo - 300 Km (6.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 330 Km (7.15 hour drive)

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