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Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Overview of Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya

At KUMBURA we wish to offer our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the life and pace of village life. Just so you know, we are not a 5 star hotel... Our lodge is designed for the adventurous traveller who is looking for much simpler accommodation. Our bedrooms are set on a mezzanine floor with open sided walls, allowing air flow on hot nights. Each bed has its own mosquito net and yes, we do have electricity !! ( Occasionally there are 'brown-outs' which happen in Sri Lanka from time to time ). Each room has its own separate European style toilet and a cold water shower; very refreshing after a long, hot & dusty day of exploring! Downstairs we have lots of comfortable seating and a dining area. We serve our food informally, so it's OK to sit on the couches and lounge while you enjoy Ranu's delicious food... the more relaxed you are, the happier we are!

Accommodation of Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya

Situated only 5kms from the Unesco World Heritage site of Sigiriya and 16 kms from the ancient religious city of Dumbulla, KUMBURA is set in the country village of Kimbissa, which is part of an area known locally as the Elephant corridor. (And yes, occasionally we are visited by elephants looking for Jack fruit, young rice and banana's! ) There are mainly farms that specialize in rice and root crops in the area; my family mainly produce rice.

In the garden's of KUMBURA you will find a large selection of indiginous trees including king coconut, mango, teak, acacia, wood apple and palm. In late 2011 we planted a crop of banana trees. Mixed with the larger tree's we also have different types of palms, hibiscus and grasses surrounding the lodge. There are a plethora of beautiful birds that visit our land; wild peacocks roam Kimbissa and are often seen in our garden.

Structurally, KUMBURA is built mainly of indigenous materials such as teak, mango and acacia woods, much of which was harvested from our land. The roofs are of woven coconut leaves, the half walls of natural local granite and wood fired mud bricks. The lodge is built in the traditional style with open walls in both the living and sleeping areas; helping increase airflow and maximize light. Colourful Barbara Sansoni fabrics cover our furnishings; dinner-wear and other accessories from Colombo's Paradise Road bring a modern twist to your stay at our very simple, but beautiful lodge.

Activities Available in Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya

  • 4WD Jeep Adventures
  • Agro Tourism
  • Nature Trails and countryside walking


Dining of Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya

Food is our strong point! The ingredients for the dishes we serve at KUMBURA are purchased from the local markets and when available, locally grown ingredients are used. Consisting mainly of vegetables and fish, our ever changing menu furnishes the guests with a healthful and delicious insight into Sri Lankan cuisine! Ranu, our chef ( and my aunt ), is going to make your stay here a culinary feast that you'll never forget!

If you want to order beer or spirits during your stay with us, please let us know when you make your reservation and we will make sure to order it for you.

There is a 10% surcharge on the cost of all alcohol. Beer, Arrack, Spirits and Wine are  available in Dambulla at the supermarket 'Food City'. They carry a large selection of imported goods and also have a pharmacy.  

Facts of Kumbura Eco Lodge - Sigiriya

City - Sigiriya

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 169 Km (4.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 153 Km (4.15 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates On Request

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