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Thaulle Resort - Tissamaharama Sri Lanka

Overview of Thaulle Resort - Tissamaharama

We rush through our lifes day by day, rarely take time to take a breath and really appreciate what is happening around us. The philosophy of Thaulle Resort is to remind and enable our guests to start recognizing these little gifts of life and nature anew. The people in Sri Lanka set the example to live every day to its fullest , to worship nature, traditions and customs that most people already forgot. Not only the appreciation of these values are important but also the proper maintenance of them. Therefore sustainability and the responsible use of ressources are existential values at Thaulle Resort as well. We use solar technology to heat our water, a biogas powerplant to reuse waste responsibly, reusable glas bottles instead of plastic ones to minimize waste and our rooms are equipped with high quality materials so they don’t have to be replaced too frequently. Also in terms of food, quality is our first priority which is why we use fresh organic foods from the area around Tissamaharama. We invite you to a hotel which implimented all these values into their concept and wants to give you the possibility to experience Sri Lanka authentically.


As Sri Lanka is known to be the „country of smiles“ Thaulle Resort takes a lot of inspiration from ist sense of hospitality, candor and generally positive mindset when meeting foreigners. We want to pass on this way of living and spirit to our guests so they are able to take these habits back as holiday souvenirs. Thilak Wettimuni, owner of Thaulle Resort and originally Sri Lankan, has been living in Germany for a long time and wanted to combine all of his experiences and influences in Thaulle’s concept to form a unique hotel. The hotel’s menu as an example is a fusion of both western meals brought together with Sri Lankan cuisine. Furthermore the rooms at Thaulle Resort are a colourful mixture of Sri Lankan craftsmanship and German designer pieces. Thaulle resorts stands for originality, consistent quality and excellent service which are supposed to stay in our guests’ memories forever.  

Our story

Constructions for Thaulle Resort began in october 2011 by blessing the ground Thaulle Resort was going to be built on and metaphorically preparing it for the heavy weight which was about to be put on it. Thaulle Resort was facing some difficulties during construction like the heavy raining season that kept our work on hold sometimes, cultural differences between german and singhalese working behaviour or irresponsible suppliers slowed down the process as well but in the end it made our team stronger and molded a very unique hotel. These experiences made the cooperation and community a lot stronger and effective. All of Thaulle Resort was built by hand without using any cranes whatsoever so you can really say it was an exhausting process. But after these three years of construction one journey ends respectively another exciting one begins.


  • Deluxe Double Room
  • Superior Double Room
  • Comfort Double Room
  • Standard Double Room
  • Single Room


Thaulle's Restaurant is famous for its traditional food. Executive Chef Ranuka Hettiarachchi only uses products from local farmers and suppliers working close to Thaulle Resort. You will be surprised by the way our Chef reinterprets traditional Sri Lankan dishes. Discover the exceptional cuisine of Thaulle Resort and meet Sri Lanka's youngest Executive Chef. 


Attention to detail and aesthetics is something you will find in Thaulle’s Pool Area as well. Natural stone, elaborate carvings and unique decorations make every inch of this area a wonderful experience for our guests. Enjoy a freshly made Cocktail or Snack at the bar or spend time with all of the people surrounding you.


Soon we will be ready to host your business conference or private party. Whatever it is, you will have the most amazing view over Yoda lake and Tissamaharama. For more information please contact Thaulle Resort:

Facts of Thaulle Resort - Tissamaharama

City - Thissamaharama

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 216 Km (5.30 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 225 Km (7.15 hour drive)

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