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Martin’s Lodge - Sinharaja Sri Lanka

Overview of Martin’s Lodge - Sinharaja

The Bungalow, a basic guesthouse, is situated 150km from Colombo, a journey that takes approximately three hours, on the edge of Sri Lanka’s most famous rainforest: Sinharaja. This huge virgin forest reserve, the home to a remarkable array of endemic species, is recognised as a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site and an international Biosphere Reserve. While seeing mammals can be harder than in some of the other national parks, walking in the thick jungle can be exhilarating and Red Dot highly recommends a visit.

The bungalow used to be the only accommodation close to the park entrance, a timeless small guesthouse cut off from the rest of the world. Martin, a charming and eccentric host, is so far behind the rest of the world that reservation requests are still collected during his weekly visit to the post office. The six-bedroom property is very basic. There is no airconditioning or hot water. But the hospitality and stunning location both amply make up for the lack of luxury. Martin is also and expert on the forest and will talk freely about a place that he clearly loves deeply. The guesthouse is regularly visited by naturalists, ornithologists and university students who come there for research and exploration.


The bungalow has six basic rooms all of which are non air conditioned. The food served is all traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. The meals are charged separately and the price quoted will only be for the lodging. Among the activities possible are bird watching and trekking. There are many species of birds that can be seen including Jungle fowl, Lesser Yellowknife, Yellow-fronted Barbet, Malabar Trogon, Red-faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Hanging-parrot, Indian Swiftlet, and Pompadour. All the forest expeditions have to be accompanied by a hired forest guide.

Facts of Martin’s Lodge - Sinharaja

City - Sinharaja Rain Forest

Category - Adventure and Wildlife Hotels

Distance from Colombo - 150 Km (3.15 hour drive)

Distance from Airport - 180 Km (4 hour drive)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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