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Hotel Kitul Kanda - Meepe Sri Lanka

Overview of Hotel Kitul Kanda - Meepe

Kithul Kanda Resort derives its name from its location; Kanda is the Sinhala word for hill. Picturesquely dotted with Kitul trees, this secluded resort has the advantage of having the hill entirely to itself.  The location was chosen by the owners due to its panoramic vantage point and views of the Colombo skyline. Perched on the summit guests are treated to bird’s eye 360o view of the lush green environs. Though Kithul Kanda is conveniently located only about half hour from Colombo, it is situated in a village where guests can enjoy the full benefit of a local village atmosphere.

Be away from the stresses of city life as they gaze upon green paddy fields, tree dotted hills and the clear blue sky. We have used the natural surroundings to the best possible advantage while causing minimum change. For example the natural shaded clearing near the pool is an ideal place for an outdoor barbeque. The swimming pool itself has been incorporated into an existing natural rock pool that was once used by the locals to cool their refreshing drink ‘coconut toddy’ locally referred to as ‘ra’. Imagine being able to see the Colombo skyline in the distance while being serenaded by the sights and sounds of nature at its best and you have the Kithul Kanda mountain resort experience in a nutshell.

Kithul Kanda Resort seamlessly blends with its surroundings so that guests feel as though they are part of the surroundings. However, Kithul Kanda also offers all the luxury facilities required of a resort to ensure that guests enjoy a pampered experience. Come to Kithul Kanda to experience Outbound Training/Team building in a natural forest, hiking and trekking, bird watching and cycling or simply some good old fashioned relaxing.

With our open corridors and spacious living areas you will always feel as though you are part of the natural beautiful environment that surrounds the resort. We have taken a lot of care to ensure that our resort blends seamlessly with the hilly landscape.

Accommodation of Hotel Kitul Kanda - Meepe

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe Rooms at Kithul Kanda allow guests to really understand the meaning of relaxing. With mind calming panoramic views of the surrounding areas, guests will have the pleasure of being warmed by the gentle morning sunlight that streams into the room. The rooms have Burma teak furniture done by local craftsmen. With a rich sleek finish our spacious rooms are a haven of peace and calm.

Standard Rooms

There is nothing standard about the Standard Rooms at Kithul Kanda as guests are introduced to the calming presence of the surrounding forest area. Truly epitomizing the meaning of ‘one with nature’ guests will feel the stress of city life melt away as they stay in these simple yet well furnished rooms. The rooms have Burma teak furniture done by local craftsmen.

Family Room

These comfortable family rooms are well furnished and equipped and are ideal for guests hosting a wedding at the Kithul Kanda resort. These rooms too are havens of tranquility and allow guests to enjoy a peaceful stay. Spacious bathrooms, tea/Coffee making facilities, complimentary water and flat screen/Satellite Televisions are just some of the facilities on offer.

Infinity Pool

Enjoy the warm tropical sun while lounging in our infinity pool, the pool in the ‘sky’ built on the summit of the hill. Our infinity pool built on the summit of the hill is the place to simply enjoy.


The open concept restaurant on the top floor guarantees that you are kept cool and relaxed while enjoying beautiful views of the surrounding. We provide mouthwatering dishes prepared by our very own in house chef. 


Make your wedding day truly unforgettable by having it at Kithul Kanda with its picture book perfect setting. Kithul Kanda is also ideal for hosting conferences, seminars, team building and such office functions; the 3 Kithul Kanda reception halls can accommodate 500+ participants. 

Trekking / Bird Watching

Trek through the forest and walk through the nearby village to enjoy the outdoors. Mingle with the villagers and catch site of colorful birds endemic to Sri Lanka. Come back to the Kithul Kanda resort to a scrumptious meal served at our restaurant.


Take a bike ride around the area to truly enjoy the natural beauty of rural Sri Lanka. Stop by and chat with the villagers and maybe sample some local delicacies. End the day with a relaxing dip in our picturesque infinity pool and feel both your mind and body relax. 

Facts of Hotel Kitul Kanda - Meepe

City - Colombo

Category - Hideaways

Distance from Colombo - ~

Distance from Airport - 60 Km (2 hours drive)

Price Guide - 60 Km (2 hours drive)

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