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Mountbatten Bungalow Sri Lanka

Overview of Mountbatten Bungalow

The property is situated about 15 minutes from Kandy town.

Picturesquely set on almost 6 acres of carefully tendered lawn and tea gardens, this 100 year old residence has been lovingly restored to reflect life in the bygone Victorian Era. The peaceful and lovely garden with a fountain is laid out to look like a typical English garden.

The cooler climate of Kandy encourages the lush growth of tea, and this boutique bungalow has two tea gardens that are carefully tended the year around. The bungalow is back dropped by a lush growth of trees as well as tea bushes.

Mountbatten Bungalow has 2 Suites and 4 Bungalow rooms.

The rooms are spacious and exude a gentle nostalgia of days gone by. Hand embroidered pillows, muslin draped canopy four-posters and queen sized beds lend an olde world charm to the spacious bed-chambers.

These enormous rooms are beautifully fitted out in furnishings fitting the era. The cut and polished original cement floors are buffed to perfection.

The spacious bathrooms colour scheme is suggestive of the late Victorian era. Both Suites as well as Bungalow Room bathrooms are, as per traditional Victorian style, painted in a monochrome colour scheme. The fittings are however, ultra-modern and luxurious; a cunning blend of old and new.

The dining room was the second-most important room in the Victorian house. The walls were often the focal point of the dining room and very ornately decorated.

This large room is beautifully fitted out with brass overhead diffused lighting. The cut and polished original cement floors are buffed to perfection. The overall decor of the dining hall is understated compared to many Victorian dining halls.  This is due to the stunning views available from the large windows that frame one wall of the dining area.

Be it High Tea or an Englishman’s dinner of steak and potato; explore a banquet that will dazzle your taste buds.

Facts of Mountbatten Bungalow

City - Kandy

Category - Inland Villas and Mansions

Distance from Colombo - 120 Km (3.30 Hours)

Distance from Airport - 110 Km (3.15 Hours)

Price Guide - Rates on Request

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